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Glass-metal sealing
According to the difference in expansion coefficient between glass and metal (ie △a), it can be divided into matching sealing and pressure sealing. It is widely used in battery, electronics, automobile, medical, lighting and other industries. The requirements for metal materials and glass for different types of glass-to-metal seals will be discussed. For matching sealing, the difference in expansion coefficient between the two should be less than 10%, while pressure sealing requires thin and thin elastic metal. The selection of sealing materials and the matching of corresponding process parameters play an important role in the quality of glass-metal sealing parts. The sealing process includes the control of temperature, sealing time, oxide film thickness, protective atmosphere, etc.
The sealing technology of our company satisfies (1) there should be no sand spots, streaks and larger bubbles at the sealing; (2) high thermal stability, chemical stability, electrical insulation performance and processing performance; (3) It has better wetting performance and other requirements with metal oxides. Welcome to make drawings and samples for processing and customization.

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