Beautiful and colorful glass lamp housing is not only suitable for home use but also suitable for commercial use

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Chandeliers are used in living rooms, dining rooms, etc., and the decorative effect is also very good. Many people also like to add a layer of lamp shells outside the chandelier. What material is the shade of the chandelier? Not only the chandeliers need lamp shells, but table lamps also need lamp shells, but many people don’t know what material is good for table lamp lamp shells.

Chandeliers are used in the living room, dining room, etc., and the decorative effect is also very good. Many people also like to add a layer of lamp shell outside the chandelier. What material is the lamp shell of the chandelier? Not only the chandelier needs a lamp shell, but also a table lamp. It's just that many people don't know what material is good for the lamp shell of the table lamp. Let us learn more about it below.


The material of the chandelier shell is Which ones? 1, glass lamp housing. The lamp shell made of glass balls has a rounder appearance, which is more suitable for elegant restaurants, especially round tables. The whole space is full of circular atmosphere. The glass ball made of blown glass is completely transparent, making the whole space brighter and warmer. At the same time, the simple materials, stylish shapes and elegant quality of life complement each other. 2,The chandelier made of thin wood, like a steamer, is very suitable for matching The American country-style restaurant, with wood-colored furniture, can better reflect the natural and simple beauty. 3, some lamp shells are made of natural linen, which fully reflects the Nordic style Natural and extreme simplicity. 4, European and American classical restaurants generally use atmospheric and quaint solid wood or leather furniture to express their nobility For quality, chandeliers generally choose gorgeous lamps to increase the weight. The lamp shell strung with shells gives people a gorgeous feeling, especially the large chandelier strung together will give people a noble and grand feeling. The European and American classical style living room is very suitable for use.

What material should be used for the lamp housing? In ancient and modern times, people often use a variety of cloths to make table lamp lamp shells. Fabric table lamp lamp shells are elegant and romantic. Silk table lamp lamp shells are used in formal rooms or bedrooms. Linen and woven lamp shells are suitable for family room or small rooms. , Hand-sewn or hand-drawn cloth lamp shell can add intimacy and softness to the room, giving the room a sense of warmth at home. The glass lamp shell is also a commonly used table lamp lamp shell. It is clean when it is dirty, does not yellow, has good light transmission and good weather resistance. The glass lamp shell can adopt internal and external coating, frosting, vacuum coating, frosted aluminum plating, electrostatic spraying, color spraying, etc. The colors are particularly bright, especially after the lamp is turned on, the lamp shell of the glass table is beautiful and colorful under the action of light , Not only suitable for home but also for entertainment and commercial use. At present, high-end LED indoor lights use glass lamp shells, but the glass lamp shells are heavy and brittle. If you have children at home, you should choose carefully. Generally speaking, it is best to use a glass lamp shell for hanging high lights. Using parchment paper, kraft paper, various colored paper and other papers to make lamp housings is one of the family fun. Housewives and children are good at making handmade lamp shells, creating a hazy and dreamy atmosphere and adding infinite happiness to the family. Now the paper lamp shells on the market are made of kraft paper with PVCmembrane, which is very strong and durable , The style is antique and full of antiquity.

There are many lamp housings for chandeliers. Consumers can check which ones are more suitable for them before buying. What material is good for the lamp housing? Glass lamp shell or something else? In addition to looking at the material of the lamp shell, the height, type and style of the table lamp are also issues that consumers care about.